Week 6 Reflection: Emerging Technology

Week 6 Reflection: Emerging Technology

This has been an interesting week learning about whether coding should be in schools or not. What I found from my readings is that most people are in favor of teaching coding in schools. I have to agree with most people. I think coding should be taught in schools. With how fast technology is changing, future developers are going to need coders. This is going to be a fast-growing industry soon. We want our kids to be ready for this future and I believe this will help them.

I learned coding promotes creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills. These are skills they will need in the future for any job. In the Hour of Code video it said that this reached more than 15 million users. It reached users faster than Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Pinterest or Instagram. Just by this fact alone you can see that the interest is there.

The blogs that I read all agreed, as well, that coding should be taught in schools. I learned from Becca’s blog that computer-related employment will increase by 22% by 2020. Lisa pointed out that computer programming is growing 2X faster than any other job. Rachel pointed out that a con that she read about coding is that communication and social skills will be impacted if kids are sitting in front of a screen all day. I believe that kids should play, but maybe there can be a balance between the two so at least they can get some coding.

I believe teaching computer coding will improved our students’ prospects. Everything nowadays is controlled by technology. More devices are going to be connected and students need to be ready for this changing future.

It has been a good week learning about this and hearing what others have to say about it. I look forward to seeing what our future will hold for new curriculum in computer science and if it will start to take off in more schools, since the interest is there.


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