Week 5 Reflection: Robotics

Week 5 Reflection: Robotics

This week has been a pretty good week with robotics. We talked about What is the Differences Between Teaching and Learning. I came to the conclusion that teaching and learning are related to each other. Teaching is the one who is giving the information and learning is the one receiving the information. I also learned that we should let students be problem solvers. If we let them take more control of their learning then they will be better adapted when they get in the working world. I also learned to have a more project based curriculum. Students learn 75% better  when they practice by doing. I got

this visual from Ali’s Post this week.


As for my Arduino projects they have been going pretty good. I got through project three and was able to upload my first video for project two. As I was going through I video myself with my phone. After I emailed Lee to figure out how do I put my segments together on a video to upload. She told me where to go and I went to WeVideo and was able to get my video put together and uploaded to the Robotics Community. I was pretty happy about that. In our robotics class on Wednesday I worked on project three. I figured out how to put the parts on the breadboard but when I put the coding in I kept getting an error. I finally went to the examples and copied the code from there and uploaded it. I then got the Love Meter( Project three) to work. I am now working on project four and starting to feel more confident about the Arduino.

With blogging this week I got the learning pyramid  visual from Ali. It really got me to think about how teach and remember not to spend to much time lecturing. I have to give more time for students to have hands on projects so they can retain what they learn. Cherie made a good point about collaboration between teachers. I think that is so important for teachers to communicate. I think teams are important for students. This way teachers can meet together and talk about which students they see need extra help and see if it is in all classes. If something works in one class we can see if it works in another class. Cynthia made an interesting fact about 65% of teens will be employed in jobs that have not been invented yet.  That is just mind blowing! The way the internet is changing it should not be to surprising though. It has been a good week in this class and I am feeling pretty good about everything so far.


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