Week 5 Reflection: Emerging Technology

Week 5 Reflection: Emerging Technology

This week in Emerging Technology class we learned about Internet Of Things. Although I have not heard the term I now know what it means. So it is any device connected to the internet that talks to each other. For example car starter. You push a button and it connects with the satellite and your car starts. Or on your phone you can control your tv with a touch of a button. There is so much more devices out there. We also design an object that we would think falls under the internet of things. I came up with attendance and as students sat down it took their attendance and sent email home if they were absent. What I found out is there already is a device like this. I am amazed at technology and what will come up with next. The other thing I thought is how students can just get what food they want from a machine. So much food is wasted from students who don’t like what they are eating. So if they selected what they want on a band and then went through the line it would dropped on their trays. This would saves a lot of money and wasted food.

In our blogging and reading I learned interesting facts about the internet. In my blog the article “The Internet of everything: Fueling Education Innovation,” Cisco believes that the 13 billion Internet-connected devices in 2013 will be 50 billion by 2020. The article “The Internet of Everything” also points out that in order to connect the unconnected, 220,000 new engineers will be required every year from 2014 to 2022 to manage the vortex of connected devices.

In reading my classmates blogs I heard of many good devices that they came up with that I bet will be invented in the years to come with how fast the internet is changing things. Margaret came up with a digital planner and digital reader for reading logs. I don’t know how many time I see this that students forget to write in their planners and reading logs. This device she talked about would help those kids. Scott came up with an interactive desk that soon as the kids sat down it would give them a warm up to do. Tristan came up with a calculator that wold help kids that missed problems. Once they missed something it would explain what they did wrong and give them more examples to go through and email the teacher once they were done. Cherie came up with a device that helps students who are struggling on concepts. I think they all have great ideas and sure one day all of these are going to make it to our classroom.

With the way the internet of things is changing so rapidly. Things are going to change in our classrooms. Just think of when we went to school we didn’t have computers, write boards, interactive boards or anything like that and now we do. I believe the way we teach is going to change and I am glad that I am taking technology classes now so when that change comes I am ready for it and ready to take that plunge of change for the better.

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