Week 4 Reflection Robotics

Week 4 Reflection: Robotics

This has been a better week for me in that I finally got my light to turn on for my Arduino project 1. I was struggling at first with all of the pieces. I was pretty sure my program was malfunctioning at first since I could not get my light to turn on for the longest time. I emailed Lee, and she gave me some videos to watch. After reviewing those and some others on YouTube, I was still not able to get my light to turn on. I took a picture and posted it to the robotics community and Lee said that I was missing a piece. I finally figured it out and got it to work. I was so happy.

I also got my new computer and am still in limbo with some my files, as it is taking some work to figure out how to get my files from my other computer to my new computer. I also see that my new computer does not have Word, which I have been using all the time. I am not sure how Pages will work or how much different it is from Word. I am a little nervous about how that will affect my work since I started out on Word. I was able to download Goggle Voice and Video to log on to my makers class, so that went ok. So far everything is going great with my new computer. I hope everything continues to work well for me.

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly after that. For the maker meeting, I was working on project 2, but Lee suggested that if I hadn’t finished the other two projects with 1 it might be a little confusing. I then decided to go back to project 1 and complete series circuit and parallel circuit. So this is what I worked on during our makers class meeting. I accomplished both and got the lights to turn on. I am started to feel more confident about this class. I was feeling a little nervous at first,  thinking if I can’t even do the first project, which I think is supposed to be the easiest, I am not off to a good start. I was happy when I finally broke through my frustrations and got my project to work. So my next goal is to be able to communicate with my Arduino board with my new computer. It looks very complicated and confusing. I just hope that I can get over this hurdle.

In this week’s reading, I agreed that an integrated approach is best for the classroom. The video Jessica posted in her blog really hit home for me. It talked about how an integrated classroom is best for students to learn and retain information. I know I agree because, as a learner, I learned best when my subjects were integrated. Those are also lessons that I did not forget. There also were a lot of interesting ideas about projects in this week’s blogs. Scott has a great idea about 16 yr. olds and licenses. Cindy has a great extension to her wonderful Tlingit unit and getting her students to work with older students and 3D printing. Mia has a wonderful unit on careers. Jessica talks about an integrated unit on circuits. Megan made an excellent point about struggle and perseverance. I know that is what I was doing this week. I was struggling, but finally persevered, and enjoyed some successes.  I also read in many blogs about the time that it takes to do a project and how much we have to cover and some are on a timeline like math to go through lessons.

I agree with my classmates that timing is an issue in doing projects. I know that students learn more with integrated projects, but timing is always an issue. If you teach one subject then you have to make sure it works with the other teachers’ if you are trying to do an integrated project with them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. All you can do is try. You might not be able to get all of the subjects integrated into a project but i think if you get at least one then those students will remember that project for the rest of their lives. The more students are involved and the more subjects you integrate, the more the students will learn. I know this is what I want for my students—not only to learn, but to not forget and one day use what they learned in the real world and be ready for what comes their way.

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