Week 4 Reflection Emerging Tech

Week 4 Reflection: Emerging Technology

This has been a pretty good week with Emerging Technology. This week in our reading we have been covering MakerSpace and its benefits to students. Personally, I had never heard of MakerSpace before. I have heard of project based learning, which MakerSpace is meant to facilitate, but I have not heard the term MakerSpace. It was good reading and learning more about this concept and how I might be able to use it in my class.

The idea of a MakerSpace is wonderful, but I can’t see myself being able to do one in my classroom unless I had another space to have the class. I see too many students in a day and my class is not large enough for a MakerSpace. If I were to have a MakerSpace, I would want a room where I have a large area for materials, computers, and projects that students might be working on. If I can find an empty room that is not being used in the school, that would be a good place. Some places also use the library, but I don’t think that will happen as our library always has many students in it and teachers who bring classes down.

In Thursday’s Twitter session, we tweeted about MakerSpace. I got a clearer idea of some of the materials in a MakerSpace. I was thinking it is only technology, but it can be anything that students can use to build something. I talked about how my coworker and I had a class one time for students who were working on science projects. We had a bunch of materials, computers, and other things students could use. We were just there for support. The students got what they needed and started working. They appreciated that time and the work space they needed to complete their projects.

In reading our blogs, I see Marie is brand new at tweeting and blogging. I told her I was in the same boat last semester when I took a class. I told her that it will get easier. I said even sometimes I forget the # or a letter when I am tweeting. It is still new to me as well. Becca had a MakerSpace book in her blog that sounded interesting for someone who wants to try MakerSpace for the first time. She also talked about how she is not a person who takes things apart. I said I am the same way, but that when I finally figured out how to get my light turned on for my Robotics class, I was overjoyed. I said it was only by continuing to tinker and not giving up that I finally got it. Barbara talked about how a MakerSpace can’t be in a typical classroom, and I have to agree with her. I said that my classroom wouldn’t have enough space for students to tinker. I see too many students a day in that classroom. She also made a good point about connecting MakerSpace with network resources. I said that would be an excellent idea. Jessica had a good list of the ways students can benefit from a MakerSpace. I told her that would be a wonderful list to show to a principal of a teacher who wants to start a MakerSpace in their school.

Overall, it has been a very good week of learning new things and getting a chance to think about the possibilities for a MakerSpace. I love the idea and the concepts of a MakerSpace. This would be excellent for students who learn best by hands-on learning. Students can benefit from a MakerSpace and can take what they learned with them into the real world. I want my students to be ready for life after school; even if I can’t have a MakerSpace classroom, I can take some of the concepts and use those in my class so students are ready for life after school.

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