Week 4 Emerging Tech

Week 4: What is the pedagogy behind a Maker space? What are the benefits to students?

What are Makerspaces? The brief video gives a short detail of what is a Makerspace. The pedagogy is about discovering, building, finding your passion, and sharing with others. It is about if, when you try and fail, what happens if you keep trying. It is about working together with others. The article 7 “Things to Know about Makerspaces” describes a Makerspace as a “a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build” (https://youtube/NLEJLOB6fDw).

When we support kids in building, designing, and making, we ask them to think differently. We give them the chance to change the world by putting something new into it (Patterson, 2015). I think Makerspaces do this plus other things for students. They can get students excited about learning and open up their minds. Stager (2015) writes that children are capable of powerful ideas. One student said Makerspace helps them understand what they are capable of. “Students are taking the experiences from this class and using them in their other classes” (Stager, 2015). I think this is a powerful concept that students should be able to apply in any class.

Makerspaces represent powerful teaching pedagogy. I think all schools should include a Maker space for students. In this place, they can tinker and engage in making and working with others. As also stated in “Things to Know about Makerspaces,” “These facilities foster a highly collaborative learning dynamic that is excellent for team efforts and for peer support, advice, and assistance.” This would be a great place for the students who learn best by doing. Hands-on learning is very powerful, and students will never forget what they learned in a hands-on process. As a teacher, this is what I want for my students. I want them to never forget what they learned and be able to use what they learned later in life.


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