Week 3: Reflection Robotics

Week Three Reflection: Robotics

This has been a good and frustrating week. It has been good in what we learned about in our readings. This week we read and blogged about to what extent we should allow our students to figure things out for themselves. I have learned a lot from the readings and reading other people’s blogs. What I have learned is that I need to quit spoon-feeding my students. I am not helping them when I do this. I just hate to see students get frustrated, and they know that I will help them out no matter what. I have learned that I need to look at their futures. If I really want to help them, then I will let them struggle now.

Sydney Berman points out that learning to use resources is a very important skill and one that they can use throughout their school year. I have to agree with her that if a student knows how to find the answer then they will be able to use that skill throughout their lives. In one article, it was suggested that we spoon feed our students too frequently, and I have to agree. I see it in my class as well as other teachers’ classes. Students are used to getting information right away. They need to learn how to find out how to get the answers.

In the blogs that I read, Scott made a good point about timing. When we ask a student a question, we need to give them time to think about it and not answer it for them right away. I need to work on this and give students more time to answer. I am going to say, “I will come back to you,” so they will have more time to think. Cynthia made a good point that tinkering helps our students develop thinking and problem solving skills that they will need to be successful. I have gotten a good lesson on Grit from Ali that I think I will use next school year. She also points out that we need to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses and this starts at the beginning of the year. I have learned many good points from reviewing the blogs and from reading the assignments.

The week was frustrating, as well, because, in our robotics meeting, I was trying to follow along with Lee on Lesson 1: Knowing your tools, and my light wouldn’t light up. I was having other troubles with my computer, too. I am thinking that when I downloaded Arduino it didn’t download right. I think it is because I’ve been using a school computer. We have restrictions on what we can download and have to have an administrator’s password to download some things. I went and bought a new Mac laptop, so I am hoping that will end my tech troubles for this course. I should have my computer by Monday. They had to order it since they were out of stock at the local store.

I am excited about getting my new computer and hoping things will start to work for me. I am a little nervous because putting all of the little pieces together is not my strong suit. I am hoping that, with the video lesson, I can get through this class. I know that I am going to struggle, but with a little help from Lee and my other classmates, I will persevere.


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