Week 3 Reflection: Emerging Technology

Week Three Reflection: Emerging Technology

This has been a pretty good week. I finally feel that I am keeping up with my reading and assignments. This week’s reading made me think a lot about my classroom. I love the idea of using MOOCs or even a flipped classroom. I think it would change the way I teach and how I work with students.

The reason I would love to do this is that sometimes I feel like I am not reaching my gifted students. I feel I don’t challenge them enough. If I had MOOCs classes that dealt with social studies or what we are working on then I could challenge those students. I have students who finish earlier on some assignments. This can give them something to do once they are finished with it. The only thing is I am not sure how to start to implement it.

A flip classroom would be awesome as well, but, again, I would need more training on it for it to be successful. I would also worry about how many of my students do not have access to a computer at home. To me, it seems like they would get farther behind the students who do have access to a computer. I am not sure how I would start this as well. I am willing to learn if I can get more information on how to get it to work within the limitations my school faces.

What points I learned from reading other people’s blogs is John made a good point about technology and the training that we get. I have to agree with him on that. I feel that every time we get something new we get a day of training and that is it. They expect us to know it. I think many teachers feel if they got more training or support then they would more likely use the new resources given to them. Stacey talked about how MOOCs can help the high-achieving students, and I felt the same way. Cherie talked about how to make sure that you have parent support before you get started and how having lessons on a video would be great for students who are absent.

I can say that I am excited about these concepts. If I were to try one out, I think I would start out with MOOCs. It seems like it would be as much of a task as a flipped classroom. With MOOCs, I think I would have to find out what kinds of classes they have for middle school social studies, talk to the principal about it, make sure parents are on board, and figure out the credit. How do I give credit to students who are doing it? I am sure there would be many more questions that would come up as I got started. I would love to know if anyone in our school district has done this at my grade level. If they have, I would love to talk to them and get their advice on how to get started. I think this would make my classroom more enriching and more challenging for some of my students.


One thought on “Week 3 Reflection: Emerging Technology

  1. You make two good points. Lack if training on technology. Once a year the Apple lady cones to town with all of this information. It all sounds great but by the end of the day it is hard to remember it all. Unless I use it on a somewhat frequent basis I probably won’t retain the information.
    The family component is a very important of implementing Flipping or MOOCing. They need to be invested in how and what there child is learning.


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