Week Two Robotics Reflection

Week 2 Reflection Robotics

This week has been a better week. I finally got my book in and my robotics kit so I was pretty excited. I can say that I am a little nervous at the same time because I am not a person who tinkers. All the little parts are a little nerve racking. I am looking at them and saying where do all these parts go to. I do appreciate the Google hangout though and Lee being there as a support. I know I will be fine, knowing that I can get help as I progress through this class.

So I got my baseboard together with the help of Lee and the video hangout. It took awhile for Arduino to download. Once it did I looked at it and was thinking, “Is this what it looks like? Did it download right?” I emailed Lee and she said, “Yes, that is what it looks like”. I was relieved I thought my computer might not let it down load since I am using a school computer. I plugged it into my computer and got a green light so I am assuming that it is working. I look forward to what we will be creating in this class with all of these little parts.

So what I learned from this past class and reading blogs is about growth mindset. I really loved Ali’s version of Tinkering+ Hard play (Hard work) = Growth mindset. I think she hit the button on that and it really brought it to focus for me. Scott helped me to see the growth mindset students in my classroom as well from reading his blog. I see the difference between my growth mindset students and fixed mind set students. Cindy’s blog about “Play” made me think about my classroom and play. How by the time they get to middle school that play is no longing in the cards and why is that. All of these blogs have made me think more about my classroom and students and how I can better serve my students and become a better teacher.


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