Week Two Reflection Emerging Technology

Week 2 Emerging Technology Reflection

This week I have read about Open Learning and what that means. From my reading the definition I got from open learning is that it if for anyone that wants to learn more about something. For example, there is a site where you can learn Spanish for free. This is an open learning class.

Reading from people blogs I can say that we agree open learning can be beneficial. One thing I also found in the blogs that I read is training is needed to make this work. Rachel made a good point about students being able to work at their own pace and in order to be successful training is needed. Barbara pointed out that this would be a classroom full of learners with their own set of goals and motivations. Jesscia made a good point about how some find a concern about students that are not motivated, self-directed, or self-disciplined. I would find that a concern as well because I have had those type of students. The video that Jessica posted was an excellent video on blended learning and a type of classroom that I would love to see in my own room. I know I would need the training in order to be successful as this. Lisa made me think about the student that I work with and how many of the families that I work with do not have access to a computer at home. This is a problem I found when I tried to let students finish something at home that requires the Internet. Sure they can go to the library where there is Internet but by time Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle or Grandma get home from work they are tired or have to cook dinner or might have other plans. Most of my students from these families never get their work done and I have to give them extra time in class to finish the assignment.

I look forward to learning more about open learning and how I can bring this to my classroom. I can see that this would benefit my students. My goal is to learn more about it and how and where I can find more resources about this that I can use with my classes.

One thought on “Week Two Reflection Emerging Technology

  1. I like your reflection, stating “I look forward to learning more about open learning and how I can bring this to my classroom”. I would like to try it with a few things, but I don’t have working computers in my room yet. I would like to try a structured approach, but I couldn’t give my kids control, they have no ability to stay with one thing long enough to make it work.


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