Week 2 Emerg Tech: What do you see as the promise of open learning as an emerging technology/pedagogy/philosophy?

Week Two: What do you see as the promise of open learning as an emerging technology/pedagogy/philosophy?

First I would like to define open learning and what that means. This definition comes from the Open Learning in K-12 online and blended learning environment pg. 2, “Open learning is described as learning that occurs in a shared and transparent manner in which others can reuse, remix, and/or redistribute the evidence of learning with others.” So to me open learning is for anyone that wants to learn about something. It is open to anyone.

Pedagogy as define from dictionary.com is the function or work of a teacher; teaching. It is also the art or science of teaching. So this to me is teaching something. Philosophy is the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge or conduct, according to dictionary.com.

I would say that the promise of open learning is an emerging technology. “Emerging technology are used in nearly every field imaginable, with teacher training, instructional design, language learning, distance education, e-learning, adult education, and medical education prominently appearing on the list.” Veletsianos, G. (2010). I also can see opening learning as a pedagogy item because that is teaching and that is what open learning is doing. It is teaching to the open and to anyone who wants to learn.

I myself have not tried open learning but I think it is a wonderful concept and would be willing to try it if I had time to take other classes. My plate has been full for a while and I can’t take on more learning. I know when I have time I would love to learn Spanish. There is an open learning website that I was told about before where I can learn Spanish for free. How cool is that! Who knows what other types of open learning classes there are out there and the possibilities that you can learn.


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3 thoughts on “Week 2 Emerg Tech: What do you see as the promise of open learning as an emerging technology/pedagogy/philosophy?

  1. “It is open to anyone.” That simple statement is incredibly powerful and not a common trait that can be applied to many things in society. When I think of things that are truly open to anyone, I see that as being different from being accessible. I wrote about equity in my blog this week, because I feel very strongly that open learning can breakdown barriers and access to information, education, and other meaningful learning experiences. Your example of learning Spanish is a good example of that; there is a course out there, it’s free, it’s available at your convenience. When you make that choice to access it within your means, it is available for you. For many learners, there are no choices or availability for learning in the open. I see open learning as an initial step in giving anyone the education, information, or training they want, but accessibility remains an important step to making that open learning experience truly available.

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  2. I love your posts for many reasons, mostly because you mention wanting to learn Spanish. I believe the free website you mentioned is called Duolingo. I have used that this past year for both myself and my students this past year. It is a wonderful resource, especially for differentiation because students move on as they learn things. I was also able to supplement their learning on Duolingo with Spanish knowledge I had (after taking Spanish for nine years).

    Another reason I love your post is because you mention that we teach to anyone and everyone. I saw a quote one time that went along the lines of “we teach the students we have, not the ones we want to have.” The beauty of children is that they are always willing to learn, but I have found it very important to take the time to learn from my students. Often times, my students are fabulous helpers and teach me more than I realize. It is this realization that makes teaching so wonderful. Blended learning can take time, but your students may be more than willing to help you learn. 🙂


    1. That is good to know. I forgot what the site was. Yes, I love to learn from my students and they are so proud when I tell them that I learned something from them. 🙂


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