Week 1 Reflection Robotics

Week I Reflection Robotics

I would say that my week has not started off good. I didn’t feel prepared for my class because I have not received my book or robotics kit yet. I will get it by Wednesday but I still feel like I am behind. I don’t like starting off like this because it takes awhile to get caught up. I also like to read the assignments thoroughly and my writing takes awhile. I am not one of those writing that can just whip something out and it perfect. I have to write and then come back to my writing and then have someone look it over. Writing is not one of my strong points. This first week I felt like I didn’t do as well as I should have. I was rushed and I don’t like that. I know things will start to get better though.

I think that since school is over that I will have more time on my hands and I will start to feel more at ease. I also think what Lee said is what I was feeling. I know that this is not the first time I have blog since I took her class last semester. It is still new to me and I found this out once I tried to post something new. I watched the video and followed Lee instructions on how to add classes to your blog. I thought everything was going well until I tried to post something to one of my classes. It went on top next to my classes and not in the right column. I kept trying the instruction over and over and was getting frustrated. I emailed my cousin and asked if she or her husband knew anything about blogs. They said no. After telling Lee that I will just Tweet it and worry about the blog later I left it. I got off my computer for a while and when I came back I figured it out. I was so ecstatic!

When watching Lee’s video tonight I realize what she said is what I was going through. My brain was on cognitive overload and needed a break. I was frustrated and nothing was working and when I came back refreshed it became clear to me. So if you experience anything like I did I would take Lee’s advice and take a break. It really does work! Some points that stuck out for me on people’s blog was how Cindi pointed out about culture. I think that is very important to know about the students’ culture or if you are teaching in a small village. Also Mia made a good point about that technology can’t make the learning more meaningful, that it is how it is used and how the teachers support the students.   I am really excited about this class and look forward to the new things that we are going to be learning and how I can take what I learn and bring it to the classroom.


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