Week 1 Reflection Emerging Technology

Week I Reflection Emerging Technology

This has been a little bit of a frustrating week for me. First of all, I missed the first class meeting. I thought it was Thursday, but that was for the other class. Then, when I tried to go watch the video on the Google plus website, it wouldn’t work. After a few emails back and forth from Lee, I was finally able to view it through YouTube. I was glad that I got to view it.

This last week was the last few days of school and also the start of new classes. On Thursday, I had my other class, which I was able to make, though I did not get to get started on the reading. I was feeling a little overloaded because I had two blogs that were due by Friday. I felt rushed going through the blogs and didn’t feel that I did a good job because of feeling rushed. Then I see I forgot to put my blog address on the class web pages. I was like oh no! I went in and did that. I used the same blog that I started last class. I watch the video Lee posted on how to add classes and added the two classes that I am taking: Emerging Technology and Robotics. That went well and I was feeling pretty good. When I went to go post my blog, it didn’t go to the correct class; it went on top by the other classes. I started to email Lee again, and she tried to help me through it. I was getting frustrated. No matter what I did, it didn’t change. I told Lee I would just tweet it for now and worry about it later. I even tried to text my cousin and her husband to se if they knew about blogs but they didn’t.

I tweeted my blog, went to do other things, and later came back. I was thinking, Ok I can do this. I finally figured out how to put my blogs in the right classes. I was overjoyed! It is so exciting when you learn something new by figuring it out. Like Lee said, I think my brain was on cognitive overload. When I did take a break from the computer and came back later I was able to get it. So if you had a beginning like I did, take her advice and take a break. You then will be able to come back feeling refreshed and ready to try it again. Hopefully, you’ll succeed the next time like I did, and then you will feel relieved.

What I learned this week is I am not the only one feeling this way. I read Barbara’s blog, and I think she and I were in the same boat. Lisa made a good point about being in the village and how a holographic display would help kids from the village to learn and see new things they haven’t before. Being from the village myself I thought this was a wonderful idea. I learned from Mia’s infographic that I do cloud computing. I did not know what it was at first but, after seeing her infographic, I was like hey, I do this. I also learned that there is a lot of emerging technology out there and, as teachers, we need to embrace that emerging technology so that we can prepare our students for the future.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 Reflection Emerging Technology

  1. I feel your pain. I am still teaching for 2 more weeks. Grad classes starting and Sumner job. Whew😅
    As our counselor would say “don’t forget to breathe”
    Thanks for the idea of holographics.
    I try to expose the world through visual and tactile objects. I didn’t think of that


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