Week 1 How Do We define Emerging Technology?

How Do We Define Emerging Technologies?

How would I define emerging technologies? I looked up the words emerge and it says to become important or prominent. Technology is the machinery or equipment. So to me I would say that emerging technology is equipment that is to become important.

When I think about my school and emerging technology I would think of the new projectors that we got. Most of the teachers are use to the overheard project and white screen that we had. We were very reluctant to the change. These new white boards project right on to your board. Most of the teachers are not using them. To me this is still emerging technology. It is technology that is new to us teachers and is still not important that we have to use all the time.

Veletsianos (2010) said that, “Infrastructures of various kinds, delivery devices, and classroom and teaching tools that is elective and not yet a requirement for educational organizations is considered to be an emerging technology.” Another point I would like to point out is how he said the specific situation one is facing can or cannot be classified as emerging technologies. They are some schools where they have no technology and some school that have a lot of technology. I think it depends on where you are and if those applications are used to be emerging or not. He makes another good point about technologies as emerging including distance, and face to face. When I think of technology I think of tools that we use and wouldn’t think of face to face.

Emerging technology is not fully understood or researched. It can be new or old technology. I think it depends on where you are and what access you have to all of these technologies.  For every school and person it is going to be different on if it is emerging or not. I myself am looking forward to emerging technology and the changes it will bring to my classroom and the impact it will have on my students.


NMC Horizon Report 2014 K-12 Edition. (2014). Retrieved May 23, 2015, from http://www.nmc.org/publication/nmc-horizon-report-2014-k-12-edition/

Veletsianos, G. (2010). A Definition of Emerging Technologies for Education. Edmonton, AB: Athabasca University Press.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 How Do We define Emerging Technology?

  1. It’s interesting to see the differences between schools when it comes to technology. Many of the newer schools in my district are equipped with interactive white boards in every room and sound systems connected to the teacher computer. They are set up for amazing multimedia demonstrations. The sad part is many of the teachers never use any of it and often don’t know how to set it up. I am in one of the older schools in my district. I had to beg for most of the tech devices I use. For me, they are a gifts that need to be appreciated and used. If I let them sit idle, I feel like I am wasting school district funds and I am doing my students a disservice. Technology can be a powerful tool in the hands of a teacher who is willing to use it wisely. My goal is to be one of those teachers. It can be challenging and sometimes daunting but the effort is worth it. Allowing our kids to use this technology to help them learn is even more important. We are teaching them how to use resources in order to learn how to learn.


  2. I hadn’t thought of emerging as being “important” or “prominent” but I think it’s a good point to make, that there is a significance to emerging technologies that makes them worthwhile to explore or examine more closely. I think of emerging technologies as ideas or tools that make us sit up and pay more attention, they “shake things up” and we start to notice how they are changing our thinking and our capabilities. I agree that what may be “emerging” for one school might seem to be common practice in another; however I think of the entire category of emerging technologies as those ideas and digital tools that are starting to spread across several content areas or industries and are beginning to be utilized, even if, as this week’s reading suggests, they are not quite fully understood and their potential has not yet been realized. In this course, we will have to base our unit plan and proposal on a district’s strategic plan, which I think is an important step in ensuring that when a school invests in emerging (or any) technologies, that teachers are supported to learn how to integrate the new tools into their practice.

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