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Week 1 Do you believe Constructionism brings any new ideas to the table as a theory of education? Why or Why not?

What is constructionism? Constructionism is a theory on how people learn.   It says that people get an understanding of the world through their experiences and reflecting on those experiences. I do think constructionism would bring new ideas to the table as a theory of education.

As teacher we want the students to explore and to think about what they learned. In a constructionism point of view this means using real world problems that students can explore and think about.

The teacher wants the student to talk about the problem and then assess what they can do about it as a group. The teachers’ main role is to encourage. Although they know the answer they help the students to construct knowledge rather than getting knowledge from a textbook.

I thought this was a good chart on a constructionism classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.53.57 PM


Looking at this chart I would say that constructionism does bring ideas to the table on the theory of education. You can see the differences like pursuing of students interest is valued, learning is interactive, and students working in groups. I know many teachers would rather have a constructionism classroom than a traditional.

What are the benefits of a constructionism classroom? The benefits are that students would learn more, take ownership of their learning, learn how to work with others in a groups, promotes social and communication skills and they take what they learn into the real world. This is very important for kids to understand because they needs this skills in order to function in todays society. So my view is I do believe that constructionism does brings new ideas to the theory of education and this is the route I would take as a teacher with my students.


Constructivism as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning. (2004). Retrieved May 23, 2015, from http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/constructivism/

5 thoughts on “Week 1 Blog Robotics

  1. When I was reading through the table you cited, I noticed that it was about a constructivist class and not necessarily a constructionist one; I know, I have been struggling to keep both terms straight in my mind and in my writing. I did not find much about constructionism but because it is based on constructivism, those characteristics in the table you provided certainly apply. I think the traits mentioned fit well with PBL, differentiation, student-centered learning, blended learning, collaborative learning, UbD, and probably many more common practices in education today. What really made constructionism stand out for me, was the emphasis on a tangible product of learning; that a student could meaningfully learn if they were supported to produce an actual product (or idea) that could be shared with others and that the evidence of learning would be self-directed and built on prior knowledge and experience. I’m looking forward to getting a better grasp on this new term and figuring out how it impacts my professional practice and understanding of student learning.

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      1. no worries, I had the hardest time finding information on constructionism; since it’s based on constructivism, I still think that’s useful as a basis for understanding this new theory!


  2. You made great points. I especially liked your list of the benefits to having a constructionism classroom. I taught kindergarten last year and I talked to my students many times about taking ownership of their learning. I think it is important that students start to think about their learning and why they are in school right from the beginning.

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