Week 12 reflection

Week 12 Reflection

This has been an interesting week of learning. The chapters that we had to read this week on brain based learning and teaching with poverty in mind gave me much to think about in terms of my teaching and my students.

What I found most interesting was how much direct instruction we can take at a time. For example middle school students should have no more 15 minutes of direct instruction before you start to loose them. Adults should have no more than 18 minutes.   That made me really think about a few time when I went to classes that were over two hours long and really didn’t remember much of what I just learned. I remember in college in my history classes that I tried to follow along but at times I would be almost sleeping in class. My brain was getting overloaded and I couldn’t take all the information that I was learning.

What I learned is I need to plan for rest breaks in my classes. This gives the students a time to rest their brain. I also am looking into gonoodle.com which is brain breaks for your students. I see now that I need to give the students time to rest their brains. There brains are going all day long. I now know that new learning requires rest. I can play soothing music and let the students just rest for a few minutes before getting started. I can do breathing exercises to have them calm down.   I don’t know what went on from their last class to when they are coming to you. Maybe they got in trouble the last class and is upset right now.   Maybe someone pushed them in the hall or they got into an argument with a friend. When they first come into class their brain is not on learning. They are still thinking about what happened. If I gave them time to breath and clam down I think it would be beneficial to their learning.

I know that I still have much to learn about activities to do with my students on brain base learning. I would like to give it a try because I know that it will help the students out and I think I will see them calming, more relaxed and ready for learning.  I also would like to include more movement in my classroom and brain breaks. If I did this I think this would give the students time to refocus what they are working on plus get some blood moving and their brains a little break. I think I will see more focused and productive students in my classroom when I start this.

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