Week 11 Reflection

Week 11 Reflection

This has been a pretty interesting week. We did two infographics along with our blog this week. Seeing some of the other students’ infographics, I see that I could use more practice in this. I didn’t know that you could get pictures from places other than the infographic site. I still have much to learn about infographics and how to create them.

As I was reading people’s blogs, I also see that I should be working on a diffi- tool for survival craft. I was thinking that we are doing this in teams since we signed up in teams. Last time I worked with Mia on creating a maze for students to go through when they misbehave before returning to the game. Mia is working with teacher training so will not be able to work on it this time. I now have to work on creating a maze in Minecraft for students to go through that misbehave.

I am excited for this to start. There is a lot of differentiation that can go on in both scenarios. I think the students are going to be excited as well. There is so much to do in all of the scenarios, and I think it will appeal to students and be something they like to do. I just hope that I can observe student in the game playing. It is hard when you are teaching. You really don’t have time to go in when students are playing because they are in there when you are teaching.

I am still reading the Maze Runner book so I have an idea of what the story is about. It is a good book, and I think that students who are reading it will enjoy it. I can also see how this book can be used in Minecraft. Students can create a maze, farm, hunt, be a leader, build, or do the many other jobs that are going to be created once they start. It is going to be interesting to see how the students will do and how they will deal with things such as the weather, monsters, food, and just surviving. I expect some students who are new to Minecraft to get frustrated at first. I know when I first started it was frustrating for me when I was in survival mode. I was always dying. I am glad that some of the tools that they are creating will help some of these students who need help with food, making a weapon or something like that. I think they will enjoy the experience more and learn more not worry about survival or making tools. I look forward to once the students get started and seeing or hearing how they are doing in Surivivalcraft.


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