Week 10 Reflection

Week 10 Reflection

This last week in Twitter we assessed the tools we created for Givercraft and see how effective it was. I help create the maze with Mia. Mia took some picture of students in the maze so I would say that is was effective. We also tweeted about getting into groups for survival craft.

For survival craft we are getting into groups. The group I am in is The Maze group. I am excited to be working with this group and looking forward to creating a maze with interactive doors. I thought it was fun last time and look forward to working on it again. I am going to read the book so I have an idea of what the story is about so I can relate to it.

I am hoping that this time I can have more time in the game with students. I think if I know when the students are playing, then I can try to pop in from time to time. I think it would be fun to see the students play. It would also give me more time to get use to the game. I also look forward to having all the resource in one place. I think last time it being in a couple of places was confusing for some. I know I was getting emails on a lot of things and wasn’t sure on some things. I know this second time around I think it will be more organized than the first time and I will have a better feeling of what and when things are happening. I am hoping also that we have more feedback from teachers and students about their experience from the game. I think it is going to be fun and looking forward to it!


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