Week 10

Essential question: What was the impact of my diffi-tool on Givercraft students and teachers; what should I change for Survivorcraft to ensure that my intervention is effective?

The diffi-tool that I help worked on was a maze for students to go through. The tool is intended to be used as an intervention with a student who is misbehaving in the game. The teacher would drop off the student in the beginning of the maze, and the student would then have to work through the maze. Once finished, he or she would be allowed to go back into the game.

I think that this maze made an impact on the students that had to go through it. It wasn’t hard as much as it was time consuming. I think the students learned that if they wanted to continue to play in the game with others then they would have to play by the rules. I am not sure how much this has been used, since I was not able to log on with the students and have not been able to ask the teachers. Mia said that she saw it being used, so I know that it was used. She also took some pictures that she shared with me.

I don’t think that much has to be changed for Survivalcraft to work with the maze. Mia tweeted in our last session about the possibility of using interactive doors, and I think that would be a neat change to the maze. I think the maze was effective but would love to hear what the teachers have to say who have used it and, especially, what the students themselves thought of it, for example if the one time through was all they needed to get their gear in order.

As Helen Timperley (2015) writes, school leadership needs to encourage teachers to use evidence gathered in the classroom to improve their teaching practices. Teaching practices are influenced by a teacher’s taking in and responding to evidence about the students, identifying trends, and responding to them. This kind of ongoing examination requires in-depth conversations with students. For this very reason, I don’t think I will really know the full impact of the maze until I am able to talk with some of the students who have gone through it. With a tool like this, which is being used to change what’s going on inside a student, it’s especially important to ask the student about what it felt like or what he or she was thinking while working through it. I might not be able to know this by watching the student, although there would be some information there. Only when I hear from some students about their experiences will I know the full impact of the maze tool.


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2 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. I thought the maze was a great idea. I went through it and understand what you mean by time consuming. I could see how it could really frustrate a student. I could see it helping some and just upsetting others if they felt that being placed in the maze was unjustified. I too wonder how severe the discretion had to be in order to be placed in the maze. I know that some kids will feel wronged for being punished for something they felt they didn’t do or was circumstantial. So, I agree, you would need to hear from the students on their thoughts about the maze. Great maze though, and I am sure that it probably helped some students to realize that there was a time out zone for getting off task.

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  2. As Sunshine mentioned, the maze was a great idea. Knowing how the kids felt will help you understand how effective it was. Getting teachers opinions will also be valuable. Knowing their reason for putting kids in the maze may help you should you do decide to make any revisions. Reminding teachers of its intent before Mazerunner and LOTF will help ensure they are using it for the intended purposes.

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