Week 9 Reflection

Week 9 Reflection

This has been an interesting week of learning new information about PBL. I have been learning more about it and what I need to do to implement it in my class. At first I thought I was doing PBL in my class. I tried to give the kids as much choice as possible when we are doing projects. I usually just give them the criteria, and, most of the time, I leave it up to them on how they want to present the project. The more I am learning about PBL the more I see that I wasn’t doing PBL in my class.

This last Twitter session was a good session on how to implement PBL in your classroom. I thought the 6D’s that were defined in the video were pretty good on how to implement it. I don’t think I feel confident enough though to try it yet. I think I would need to have help from a teacher who has done it before mentor me or at least look online for help. I know it is a learning process, but I hate to teach something that I don’t know much about or don’t feel confident about. I think, once I see more projects on PBL and how they can relate to my field of study, then I will be more likely to try it in my classroom.

The thing that I think that I would find most difficult involves group work and, in particular, getting a topic that relates to social studies that the students would be interested in. I really think this is something that you have to start in the beginning of the school year with your classroom management. If you have started off with groups, then the students would know how to work in groups, and I don’t think you would have much of a problem. If I were to try to do PBL now then I don’t see it as being successful. Not only do I not know how to manage kids in groups, but the students wouldn’t know how to work cooperatively in groups. I think this is something that a teacher really needs time to plan out and work on with students before springing it on them.

I would love to do PBL but I wish I could have an expert teacher come in the classroom with me to help me go through the process. The next time I find myself in a collaborative learning exercise in a teacher training, I will see if I can get the other teacher to work on PBL with me. Otherwise, I don’t know how it’s going to happen, unless I jump on the horse myself and try it out. I think this will take some time on my part. I have much more to learn about PBL, group work, and the whole process of it. I think once I begin to incorporate PBL more, though, it will be worth it and the students will benefit from it. I am confident that I will eventually succeed at making it happen.


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