Week 7 Reflection

Week 7 Reflection

This past week has been a pretty good week. I feel like I am not as stressed as when we first started. So we have been building some items for the Giver Unit. I was glad that Mia said she would work with me because I felt lost since I didn’t read the book. I helped out Mia some but she was quick and did most of the work.

This past Minecraft session I was just working on the maze. I wasn’t sure what we were doing so I work on that for most of the session. When I asked what everyone else was doing I was teleported to a totem site that some were working on. It looked like it was done to me so I just mostly flew around after that.

In our last Twitter session we tweeted about how we can assess the plans that we have made for differentiation for GiverCraft. There were a lot of great ideas. I really like the idea of students doing and creating something that shows they have used what we have created in Givercraft. I think then they can reflect on it and then either take screen shots or write a short reflection on it.

It is going to be interesting to see how the teachers and the students go in Givercraft. I am excited to see how the students like the game. I wonder if they have read the book already before doing this? I just started to read the book so it is clearer for me. Well right now I am just going with the flow to see how things go. I look forward to hearing about the response from the students and how the teachers are doing with this unit.


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