Week 6 and Week 7 Post

Week 7 How will I assess the effectiveness of the differentiation I have planned for #Givercraft?

This week I am combining week 6 with week 7 since I was not able to log on when I went home for an emergency. Week 6 we are looking at the book “The Giver” and ways that we can differentiate with the different players. The different players are: the butterfly, the achiever, the killer, and the social. This week it has been hard for me since I have never read the book “The Giver”.

I was able to log on for week 6 session with Minecraft. We divided into groups and then we were brainstorming ideas that we can do with The Unit: “The Givercraft”. So being that I never read the book I just tried to brainstorm ideas for each of the different players. After we brainstormed, we are going to spend about 20 hours creating what we brainstorm in Minecraft. Mia and I are going to create a maze for students to go through. Once they are done, they can go back to the game. This is going to be for students that misbehave and they have to go through the maze in order to get back to the game.

Once I got back to Anchorage I got in touch with Mia and she helped me figure out what we are going to construct together. I am also planning to read the book “The Giver” so I know what the book is about and that will give me more insight of ways to differentiate with the book and the students.

I helped Mia a bit create a maze in Minecraft. The teacher will drop the students off in the beginning of the maze. The students will have to work through the maze and at the end they can teleport back to the game. We thought instead of a timeout that students would have to work through this maze to get back to the game.

There were several great examples that we were tweeting about in our last Tweeter session. I think that I can assess the effectiveness of the maze by communicating with the teachers, having a place where the teachers can input what they used or even having the students create a short book of what they did, why they got put there and what they will do differently next time. This way they can reflect on what they did, why they did it and how they will change their behavior. I am looking forward to how the maze will turn out and if the teachers will utilize this tool once they have gotten started with the game.


One thought on “Week 6 and Week 7 Post

  1. I really like that maze idea. There will always be some kids who need something like this to get them back in the right direction. It’s great that you have a partner to work with, I think I saw your maze in Minecraft fulling enclosed and huge. I would love to see the inside. The reflective piece is also important and will demonstrate if they understood why they were there and were able to realize what they should be doing instead. Great job!


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