Week 5 Reflection

Week 5 Reflection

This week was quite frustrating in Minecraft. We signed up into groups to meet. Each group had a teacher who would play with the teacher controls on Minecraft. The others were students. We each assumed the role of a student type: the achiever (try to do everything required); the troll (cause trouble), the trailblazer (figure things out and share with others) and the butterfly (would rather talk to others than really play the game). Our goal was to create something that represents Alaska life, culture or history. My role was that of the achiever, who tries to do everything that was assigned.

When I started as a student, I was trying to find members of my team. Most of the time I was flying around. When I couldn’t find anyone, I started to build a community house like clan members used a long time ago. I didn’t get finished because I got transported to another place. In addition to playing a student role, each of us also had 20 minutes to be the teacher. In the next round, it was my turn to be the teacher.

When it was my turn to be the teacher I couldn’t log in because I didn’t have the right password. I finally got the right password and was able to log in. I figured out how to get the teacher codes up but then couldn’t figure out how to see all of the students who were playing. I eventually realized that, as a teacher, you can freeze students, teleport them, talk to them, and a few others things. I was still just figuring out the buttons when it was time to switch so I didn’t get much playing time.

As a teacher and student it was frustrating. As a student because I couldn’t find my teammates so we could start to build something. Also we had students who were being trolls and starting fires, spawning cows and other things. I just wanted to do the assignment. Also, I would get frozen when I wasn’t doing anything and I was wondering why did I get frozen? As a teacher, I couldn’t figure out where the kids were and see what everyone was doing. I still have much to learn about this game.

For our other assignment, we were suppose to create a video from Minecraft. I watched Tyler’s video on how to make a video on Minecraft. I then went into Minecraft and was recording myself. I watched it but then didn’t hear my voice record. When I tried to post it to my blog it wouldn’t post and kept giving me an error message. This is something I still need to try to figure out.

Just when I think I am getting the hang of Minecraft then we learn something new. It is taking time to figure out the controls, the game, and the endless things you can do with it. I still have much to learn. I think the only thing I feel pretty good at is posting my blogs and using Twitter, though once in awhile I forget to put in #diffimooc so my classmates can see it. It is still a roller coaster of learning. Just when you think the ride is over it takes you up on another exhilarating run. This is what I love about this class! Every week I am learning something new. It is just going to take practice before I get what I learned down and am able to use it in the classroom.


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