Week Four Reflection

Week Four Reflection

This past week has been another adventure of learning. For Minecraft, we worked in teams. We were given a scenario where we were advocates for women in Germany who have lost their husbands in WW1 and are suffering. The women have a strong sense of purpose and want to be independent of being married. The Fuehrer wants women to produce babies of pure breed of the Aryan race. Our goal was to help women find their identities and lead a productive life in the German workforce. When we started, a teammate and I decided to build a women’s career center. I tried to help, but by the time I figured out how to get the material from the inventory, he had the building finished. I was able to make a sign though. I was finally able to get to my inventory and get what I needed to build.

I then went and tried to help where I could see people needed help. We would communicate with each other by pressing T and chatting with each other. We ended up building a career center, school for children, a farm, a garden, a poultry factory, and a bunk house, just to name a few of the things we finished. It was quite a challenge. I would just see who needed help and start building with them. In the end, I was pretty impressed by what our team came up with.

In our reading this week, we covered more about differentiation and gaming in the classroom. Gaming is more new to me because I have not done much of it in my classroom. I have played Jeopardy to review for a quiz and have let the kids play geography games to review for quizzes, but that is all the gaming I have done. This is a topic that I have to learn more about and see how I can incorporate more of this into my classroom.

One last thing that we had to post with our blog was a game that we created that related to our blog. At first, I tried to create a crossword that related to the some of the main words in my blog but couldn’t figure out how to make a link to it so I could have others try it. I ended up making a jigsaw puzzle of a picture on gamification. I found this on jigsawplanet.com. The site allowed me to share the URL to the puzzle on my blog. This was something that was new to me; I now know where I can go if I want to create something like this in the future.

It has been a great week and I look forward to what we will be conquering in this next week’s challenge in Minecraft. I am feeling better and not as stressed as I was the first couple of weeks. It is still challenging, but I am taking it one step at a time and see myself improving every time I log on.


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