Week Three Reflection

Week Three Reflection

This past week has also been as frustrating as the first two weeks. This week, we worked in teams in survival mode in Minecraft. With survival mode, you have to create your own tools, try to survive from the monsters, and survive the night. It was quite an adventure. So, before class, we had to sign up on a team. This was frustrating as well because we got this right before class, then, in the game, we could not find each other. The other new program that I learned this week was bubbl.us which is an outlining program. In our twitter class, I learned that you can insert a picture in your tweet. It was quite an adventure this week.

In Minecraft this week, we were in survival mode. When I first logged on, I was trying to fly, only to find out you can’t fly in survival mode. Our goal was to mine as much coal, iron ore, and gold as we could. I was still learning the controls and couldn’t figure out how to make an ax. I ran into a few classmates who were nice to let me go into their house and gave me an ax to use. So I started to dig. When my ax broke, I went outside to cut some trees to try to make one. When it got dark, the monsters came out to try to kill you. I tried to go into the house that I help build but couldn’t figure out right click to get it. I was killed several times that night. That night, all I mined was a bunch of dirt, lots of gravel, and just six pieces of coal.

I was determined how to figure out how to use my controls for Minecraft. I finally figured how to make a crafting table, wooden planks, and sticks. So after I made a crafting table, I pulled up the list on how to make tools. I had what I needed to make tools but then couldn’t figure out how to drop my crafting table. I looked up on YouTube and, after several attempts of going into the game, I figured it out. I was pretty excited, so I went back in the game this weekend and started to mine. A few times I got stuck in the dark cave but figured out how to make a candle for light. I was able to mine 16 pieces of coal but didn’t find anything else. I was just happy that I figured out how to finally mine without dying and mined a few resources.

The other learning tool I learned was bubbl.us, which is a outlining program. This was new to me. The only part that was frustrating was trying to connect my bubbles together. I tried to change the colors but then it changed all the bubbles that were connected to it. I finally left it as it was and was happy that I was able to figure it out and to download and put it on my blog.

The last thing that I learned was that you can post a picture on twitter. So, for this week’s twitter, we had to go find a picture and tweet that. I didn’t know that we could do this so I found this fascinating. I am just amazed at this technology that I am learning to use and astonished at all of the things that I am learning in this class. I look forward when I am proficient enough to use all these tools that I am learning on my own and someday bring them into my classroom.


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