Week 2 Reflection

Week Two Reflection

This last week of class has been exciting, frustrating, adventurous, and involved lots of learning. It is funny that a game such as Minecraft can get someone frustrated. This was my new learning curve this week. I have never played this game before. I have heard of it, and even seen students playing it, but I never tried it until this class.

During the last class, we logged on to play Minecraft. Earlier, when I heard that we were going to play Minecraft I went to my cousin’s house and tried to get my niece to help me figure this game out. I downloaded the game and got the instruction from our class website but still couldn’t figure how to build. All I could do was walk and hit things. I thought my niece could help me since she plays the game. So I went to see her only to find out that she didn’t play it on a Mac computer; she only played on phone and tablet. I guess the controls are different for each device. So I was back to square one. I wanted to know how to do a few things before I had to play Minecraft with my classmates. I went on YouTube and began to watch a few videos on how to place blocks. I finally figured out how to place a block, look in my inventory, fly, and how to use keys 1-9 to get the items I wanted to have in my hand. So I was feeling a little more ready to play when we had our class.

At class, I logged in and was feeling pretty confident that I could do whatever our task at hand was even I didn’t yet know what it would involve. I guess I logged in wrong because I didn’t see the instruction on what we were supposed to do. I saw that I was supposed to look for the secret word “anthill.” I was flying around, ended up flying too far, and didn’t know how to get back. I finally ended up creating another player.  This time when I went in, I ended up at the right spot because I saw the instructions and Lee’s character. She emailed me on how to talk in the game and I finally figured that out and was able to talk to them. She then transported me to help her and Susan build a house. This was something I could do, so I helped build a house. We then were trying to figure out how to cook something. I managed to get to the stove and put the coal in and food on top, but that was it. Nothing cooked for me. I also didn’t know we were supposed to find three chests. So, after trying to figure that out, I went flying around looking for chests. I didn’t find any by the time class was over. I did get one goal complete, though—to build a house with a partner and take a picture.

Another thing I learned about this week was comic strips. We are supposed to create a comic about our blog. I went to http://bitstrips.com to try it out. I am not sure if I did it correctly, because this is my first time using this application. I created a very simple cartoon on my reaction to Minecraft. It seemed like it didn’t have the option of importing other pictures, so I just used what I could find in the pull-down menu. This is something that I still need to learn more about.

What I took out of this week was that a player needs to be sure to connect to the right server when launching Minecraft and know the instructions before beginning to fly around. I also learned there can be many uses for Minecraft in the classroom. I still have a lot to learn and am looking forward to learning how to play this game and the other application that we are learning to use with this class and maybe one day bringing these to my classroom.

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